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Pinpoint Search

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Pinpoint Search enables you to quickly locate the following items in Web Designer:

components (configured or to add)







For example, if you want to find and configure the Toolbar component in your app. Or, find the name of a particular attribute in one of your many map services.

As you type your query into the Pinpoint search field, the interface automatically populates search results.

The table below lists the categories in which Pinpoint Search finds items.

Pinpoint Search Categories



Configured Components

Existing components in your layout.

Configured Services

Existing services in your app.

Toolbox Components

Components you can add to your layout.


Deployment settings and operations.


Layout operations.

Configuration Sharing

Configuration sharing operations.


File operations.


Application information operations.


User operations.

Configured Components and Services Contents

The various parts of existing components and services.

Configured Map and Scene Contents

The various parts of existing web maps and web scenes, including the layers and fields.

For performance reasons, this category only appears when you have searched for map content.


To use Pinpoint Search:

1.Click icon-magnifying-glass-blue-bg-pinpoint-search or press Ctrl+Shift+F to open the Pinpoint Search window.

If the preview window is popped out by clicking icon-white-maximise-arrow-blue-bg , Pinpoint Search appears in the space where the preview normally is.

2.Type a search term in the search box.

To search for map content such as layers, fields, and attributes, click Search map content (this may take a few minutes) at the bottom of the window.

3.To navigate directly to the desired result, click it.

To view the documentation about a result, click icon-question-mark-in-white-circle beside the result and then click View Documentation.

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