Run a Workflow in Different Environments

When you create a workflow, you know in advance where the workflow will run—on the server or, if it is a client workflow, in a particular types of host applications, like VertiGIS Studio Web or ArcGIS Web AppBuilder. As part of the authoring process, you test the workflow in your chosen environment, without testing it in other environments.

Later, you might decide to use the workflow in a different environment. For example, you might want to support an additional type of host application.

If the workflow fails when you try to run it in its new environment, it could be for one of the following reasons:

Create Workflows that Can Run in Different Environments

Workflow Designer is designed to help you create workflows that can run in any of the supported environments—in different host applications or on the server.

Follow the guidelines below to create a workflow that is capable of running in different environments:

Adapt a Workflow to a New Environment

If a workflow fails when you run it in a different environment, it could be for one of these reasons:

If you think that one of these reasons might be causing the problem, follow the guidelines below to debug the workflow:

Underlying Technologies

Host applications are built on different technologies—JavaScript for applications that run in a web browser and .NET for mobile apps. Workflow Server is built on .NET. This means that the underlying objects that a workflow operates on differ depending on the environment that the workflow runs in.

There are significant differences between these technologies. The differences exist at many levels:

The table below lists the technologies and ArcGIS API versions for the different environments supported by VertiGIS Studio Workflow.

Technologies used by VertiGIS Studio Workflow run-time environments


Built On

ArcGIS API Version

VertiGIS Studio Web



VertiGIS Studio Mobile
(both VertiGIS Studio Go and custom apps)



Geocortex Viewer for HTML5



ArcGIS Web AppBuilder
(both Enterprise and Developer Edition)


3.x (2D apps)
4.x (3D apps)

Server workflows *


Not applicable.
Workflow Server does not reference any ArcGIS APIs.

*  Some activities can be used in both client and server workflows. These activities are capable of running in both
    JavaScript- and .NET-based environments. The activities behave the same regardless of the environment.