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Key Features

  • Overview
    See all of the monitored resources in your GIS at a glance. Easily see how much free disk space is on your servers, how many credits are remaining in your ArcGIS Online account or what the average map load time is for your VertiGIS Studio Web and Mobile apps.
  • Explore your GIS resources
    Quickly view an inventory of your enterprise GIS environment, see the resources that your apps rely on, and see a quick summary of your Portal users and the items that they own.
  • Alarms
    With alarms, you can easily set thresholds on some critical resource metrics and use those metrics to see the current state. Want to be alerted when your ArcGIS Online subscription has less that 15 days left? Or when the map load time for a VertiGIS Studio Web application exceeds 10 seconds? This info becomes easily visible through the application.
  • Easy Administration
    Our approach to monitoring your GIS resources is easy to set up and configure. Connect new resources in moments and configure your apps to send data with ease.