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Configure Alarms

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To configure an Alarm for a resource group:

1.Open Settings and click a resource group. This opens the Alarms tab for that resource group.

2.Click the down carrot for a default alarm from the list to expand it.

3.Click Add Alarm Level to create a new alarm.

4.To define the alarm, modify the State, Operator, and Threshold (optionally Occurrences) fields:

State - The state of the alarm can be either Info, Warning, or Error.

Operator - The operator determines the logical comparison between the monitored metric and the threshold in the filter expression.
Operators include:
       (<) less than
       (<=) less than or equal to
       (>) greater than
       (>=) greater than or equal to
       (=) equal to
       (!=) not equal to.

Threshold - This is the trigger point of the alarm.

Occurrences - This field will show for some alarms when appropriate for that resource. It works in conjunction with the Threshold field. If the Occurrences field exists, then the number of occurrences, as well as the Threshold values must be met to trigger an alarm.


In this example, you will configure an alarm that will trigger when a specific server in the Servers resource group is "not available".


How to configure an alarm that triggers when a specific server is unavailable:

1.Open Settings and click the Servers resource group.

2.Click a specific server in the resource group.

3.In the Alarms tab, click the down carrot for the Downtime panel.

4.Click the edit icon icon-edit-alarm-name to rename the alarm to something such as 'Availability'.

5.Enable the Override Defaults switch. This setting allows you to set alarms for specific resources. When setting alarms with the Override Defaults enabled, the alarm only affects the specific resource.

6.Ensure that the State field is set to 'Warning'.

7.Ensure the Operator field is set to '='.

8.Ensure the Threshold field is set to 'Not Available'.

9.Click the check icon icon-check-alarms to activate the alarm.

10.See View Alarms.


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