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Row events are issued whenever a feature or row is entered into, or removed from, one of the geodatabases of the current map. Also when existing rows or features are changed, a corresponding row event is triggered. A row event is considered a dynamic Entry Point. Unlike the other static Entry Points such as Results List or Ribbon, a row event isn't triggered by an icon on a toolbar, but rather a change to the geodatabase itself.


To create a new Row Event Entry Point:

1.Open the Entry Point Manager.

2.Click Create.

3.Click Row Event from the Entry Point Type list.

4.In the Key section, enter a name and description.

5.In the Plug-In section, choose a provider from the dropdown.

6.Choose or enter a plugin. If you choose Application Action or Workflows, then a list of plugins are shown. Otherwise, you will manually enter the plugin text in the PlugIn field.

7.If the chosen plugin requires arguments, click Select. This opens the Entry Points Arguments window.

a.Enter Name/Value pairs until you have all of the required arguments for your plugin.

b.Click Close.

8.In the Event section, choose a Class and Event Type that will trigger the chosen plugin from step 5 above.

9.Click Apply to save your changes.


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