LabelOptions Module

The LabelOptions Module configures feature label fonts and styles for dynamic layers-enabled map services. It also provides default label styles if the layer does not already have set styles. For more information about configuring symbolization, see Symbolization.

By default, the viewer allows users to customize a label's font color, font size, placement, and the layer field to display

Customize Label Options panel for a dynamic layer called Land Use

To customize label options in the viewer:

If you customize the labels of a map service that uses Maplex labels, the labels become standard labels for the duration of your browser session.

  1. Locate the layer you want to customize from the layer list.

  2. Select the Action button next to the layer name.

  3. Select the Customize Labels action.

    Alternatively, you can quickly toggle the feature labels by selecting the Toggle Labels action.

  4. If label styles are already defined, you must choose the Customize button to begin customizing them.

    If label styles are not defined, you are presented with forms and drop-down menus to modify the label styles. For more information see Default Layer Styles.

  5. Change the label styles using the available forms and drop-down menus.

  6. Click Apply to apply the new styles.

    You can click Reset to Default to clear the changes that you have made.

  7. Choose Done or exit the Label Options panel.

Default Label Styles

If no label styles have been defined previously (either in the layer properties or in the dynamic definitions set in Essentials), when the user chooses to customize the labels the style values default to the styles set in the viewer's configuration files. If the user customizes the styles, they cannot revert the styles to their original state for the rest of the session.

Before users can access the label options panel, they are informed that the configured styles cannot be edited, and that customizing the styles replaces the existing styles. The user can use the Customize button to continue modifying the styles.

Dialog box indicating that no label styles have been defined previously

Modify Label Styles in the Viewer

Users can modify label styles using the following options:

Configuration Properties


No configuration properties


View Models

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