LayerCatalog Module

The LayerCatalog Module enables users to choose layers from a referenced layer catalog site. The layer catalog user interface can be used to add additional layers and map services to the map.

When a user adds a layer from a layer catalog to the map, it appears in a Layer Catalog folder in the layer list. If, in Essentials Manager, you have configured a folder where user-added layers should appear in the layer list, the Layer Catalog folder is placed within that configured folder. For more information about configuring this folder, see The Layer List.

Note that with a layer catalog, you cannot reference the same map service that is already present in the base site. Also, layer catalog layers do not support attachments, data links, instant search, and relationships.

You can configure the Layer Catalog tool to allow users to activate the Layer Catalog user interface. For toolbar configuration instructions, see Toolbar.

Layer Catalog tool

Alternatively, use the ShowLayerCatalog command to invoke the window where users can make a selection.

Add/Remove Map Information window

In order to access a layer catalog, your site must reference a layer catalog site unless you use an assembly provider. You can configure layer catalog sites in Geocortex Essentials Manager. For more information, see Layer Catalog Sites.

Legacy Layer Catalogs and Assembly Providers

The Legacy Layer Catalogs feature requires custom development to your Essentials installation and has been deprecated in favor of layer catalog sites. Legacy layer catalogs only work with dynamic layers.

If you wish to use an assembly provider instead of a layer catalog site, you can disable the default layerCatalogProviders property in your viewer configuration files and enable an assembly provider. Using an assembly provider requires additional Essentials configuration. See Legacy Layer Catalogs.

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