Search Module

The Search Module implements Global Search, including the Global Search box and the search providers. By default, in the Desktop and Tablet interfaces, the Global Search box is located in the top right-hand corner of the viewer, in the banner region (BannerContentRegion). In the Handheld interface, the Global Search box is located at the top of the screen, in the HeaderRegion.

Global Search box in the HTML5 viewer's Desktop interface (left), and Handheld interface

The Global Search feature allows end users to search for features that match search terms entered by the user. For more information about Global Search, see Search.

Global Search is capable of searching multiple sources. The results are aggregated and displayed in the Results List or Results Table, depending on how you configure the resultMappings property in the Results Module. For more information, see Results Module.

You can configure the sources that are searched. There are two source types:

WMS layers that are not associated with a WFS do not support search operations.

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