TabbedToolbar Module

The toolbar can be configured using Manager. See Toolbar for instructions.

The TabbedToolbar Module implements the tabbed toolbar typically found in the Desktop and Tablet interfaces. When activated, the tabbed toolbar appears below the banner.

As of version 2.4, the Handheld interface uses the compact toolbar by default. The compact toolbar is implemented by the CompactToolbar Module. It is also possible to use the tabbed toolbar in the Handheld interface.

Tabbed toolbar, shown in the Tablet interface

Tabbed Toolbar

The tabbed toolbar is made up of tabs, groups, buttons, tools, multitools (also known as flyouts), and a Tool Labels toggle button. Buttons immediately run commands that do not require input from the user. Tools run commands that operate on a geometry that the user draws; when the user clicks a tool, the tool must wait for the user to draw the geometry before running the command. Multitools act as menus of various related tools or buttons.

Tools and buttons are arranged in groups, and groups are arranged on tabs. The following example includes a tab named My Tab, containing two groups: My Group 1 and My Group 2. In the Handheld interface, tabs are ignored and groups are stacked on top of each other.

A tabbed toolbar consisting of a single tab with two groups

In the configuration, tabs are configured as groups of groups. Whenever you configure a toolbarGroup that has at least one toolbarGroup item within it, the outer toolbarGroup is rendered in the viewer as a tab. The inner toolbarGroup items are rendered as groups within the tab. In the above example, the tab named My Tab is configured as a toolbarGroup that contains two other toolbarGroup items.

In the Desktop and Tablet interfaces, the tabbed toolbar has three views, all of which use the TabbedToolbarViewModel:

Configuration Properties


Properties of Buttons

Properties of Toggle Buttons

Properties of Tools

Properties of Regions

Properties of Multitools (Flyouts)


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