Workflow Module

The Workflow Module renders workflows in HTML5 viewers. Use the Workflow Module's properties to customize the appearance of workflow content that is displayed in the viewer.

There are several steps to create workflows and run them from HTML5 viewers. For information, see Main Steps to Create and Use a Workflow.

Workflow Containers

Workflow containers define the viewer regions where workflow activities display content to the user. Workflow containers also allow you to customize the title, icon, and other settings that affect the presentation of workflow content.

Workflow display activities—DisplayForm, DisplayHyperlink, DisplayCaptureGeometry, and DisplayResultPicker—each have a Workflow Container Name property where you specify the container to use. The ConfigureWorkflowContainer activity also has a Workflow Container Name property.

DisplayForm activity's content displayed in an HTML5 viewer's DataRegion

The Workflow Module provides a number of predefined workflow containers that are appropriate for most workflows:

To use a predefined container, enter the container's name in the Workflow Container Name property when you configure the activity in Essentials Workflow Designer. For example, to use the predefined Default container, set Workflow Container Name to "Default".

DisplayForm activity that uses the predefined Default container

If the predefined containers do not offer what you need, you can create custom containers by adding new items to the Workflow Module's containers array. Follow the instructions to create a custom workflow container.

We do not recommend modifying the out-of-the-box containers. Create a new container instead.

The Geocortex software does not place a limit on the number of different containers that you can define in a viewer or use in a workflow. For workflows that proceed through a number of steps similar to a software wizard, you may want to use the same container for all the display activities. This creates a smooth transition from one step to the next. In this case, rather than hard coding each activity to the same container name, we recommend that you store the container name in a variable.

If you do not specify the workflow container for an activity, then the activity's content is displayed in the default region using the default title and icon. You can configure these defaults using the defaultContainerRegionName, defaultContainerTitle, and defaultContainerIconUri properties.

To create a custom workflow container for a workflow that will run in an HTML5 viewer:

Step 1: Configure a Workflow Container in the Viewer

  1. Open one of the viewer's configuration files in a text editor.

  2. Find the Workflow Module.

  3. Add a new item to the module's containers array and configure its properties.

  4. Optionally configure the defaultContainerRegionName, defaultContainerTitle, and defaultContainerIconUri.

  5. Repeat these steps for each configuration file.

Step 2: Reference the Workflow Container in the Workflow

  1. In each workflow activity where you want to use your custom container, set the Workflow Container Name property to the name that you defined in the viewer configuration.

You can modify aspects of a workflow container while the workflow is running, such as the title, message, and the container's visibility. For information, see ConfigureWorkflowContainer Activity.

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