Instant Search

Before you configure Instant Search settings in a viewer, you should configure Instant Search in the site.

The Instant Search page allows you to configure Instant Search settings for a viewer. In general, you should not need to change these settings—the default values have been adjusted to work for the speed people usually type, the amount of information people can realistically work with, and so on. The only setting you might want to change is Maximum Results, which limits the number of search results that are shown.

You can navigate between search hints by pressing the up-arrow and down-arrow keys on the keyboard.

Open the Instant Search Page

To open an HTML5 Viewer's Instant Search page in Manager:

  1. In Geocortex Essentials Manager, edit the viewer that you want to configure—edit the site that the viewer belongs to, click Viewers in the side panel, and then click the Edit icon beside the viewer.

  2. In the side panel, click Instant Search.

Instant Search Settings

The Instant Search page has the following settings:

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