The ArcGIS Security Provider

When you register Essentials with Portal for ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online in the Post Installer, the Post Installer creates an ArcGIS-type security provider that you can use to secure your sites. If Essentials is registered with Portal for ArcGIS, end users can sign in using the credentials that they use to sign in to Portal for ArcGIS. Portal for ArcGIS performs the authentication. If Essentials is registered with ArcGIS Online, end users can sign in using the credentials that they use to sign in to ArcGIS Online. ArcGIS Online performs the authentication.

If you carried forward an existing ArcGIS Online security provider when you upgraded to Essentials 4.2 or newer, an ArcGIS security provider appears in place of the ArcGIS Online security provider in Manager. The ArcGIS security provider will use the permissions that you configured before 4.2. For more information, see Upgrading.

You cannot create additional ArcGIS security providers—there is at most one. If the Windows sign-in method is configured in the Post Installer, then Manager does not have an ArcGIS security provider.

ArcGIS Users and Roles

The ArcGIS security provider allows you to apply permissions to the following types of users and roles:

Security Provider and Permission Names

The security provider's default name, and the user and role names that appear on Manager's Permissions page, depend on whether Essentials is registered with Portal for ArcGIS or with ArcGIS Online:

Configure the ArcGIS Security Provider

To configure the ArcGIS security provider:

  1. Make sure that the ArcGIS security provider is enabled.

    The ArcGIS security provider is enabled by default.

  2. If you want, edit the security provider to change the name to something that is more meaningful to end users.

  3. Configure permissions using the ArcGIS users and roles in each site that you want to secure using the ArcGIS security provider.

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