Legend Control


Includes the map legend in the print output.

The Legend control works with 2D maps only. If you print a 3D web scene from a Web AppBuilder app, the Legend control will be blank.

In order for a layer to show in the legend:

The legend fills the space provided by the Legend control. If the control isn't large enough to show the entire legend, the legend will be cut off.

Properties Common to Most Controls

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For more information regarding each of the property groups, see the Control Reference.


Enable Smart Filter

Type: Boolean

Sets whether legend symbols that do not appear in the printed map are shown in the legend.

In order for a layer's symbols to be filtered:

  • The layer must be a feature layer or a layer from a dynamic or tiled map service. The symbols for other layer types, such as imagery layers, are not filtered.

  • If the layer is from a dynamic or tiled map service, the layer must have a simple or unique value renderer defined for it. The symbols for layers with other types of renderers, such as class breaks renderers, are not filtered.

  • If the layer has a unique value renderer, the renderer's values must correspond to the values of the feature attribute. If the values do not correspond, the layer's symbols are not filtered.

  • Layers from a dynamic or tiled map service must allow query operations. VertiGIS Studio Printing queries the layer to determine which features are visible in the extent being printed. If the layer does not allow query operations, the layer's symbols are not filtered.

  • Every layer in the service must have a simple or unique value renderer.

Smart Filtering increases the time it takes for prints to generate.


Note that the Legend control does not support the following settings:


Keep Together

Type: Boolean

Sets whether an item can be split horizontally across pages. When false, the print item will be split across pages if all its contents do not fit on one page. When true, the contents of the item will be printed, as a whole, on the next page.


Right to Left

Specifies the layout of the content within a print item.

The options include:

  • Inherit: The item inherits the printing configuration set at the parent level. This is the default.
  • Yes: The content is aligned to the right.
  • No: The content is aligned to the left.

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