Map Info Control


The Map Info control includes information about the map in the print output.

The Map Info control works with 2D maps only. If you print a 3D web scene from a Web AppBuilder app, the Map Info control will be blank.

Properties Common to Most Controls

For more information about the properties listed below, see Properties Common to Most Controls.

For more information regarding each of the property groups, see the Control Reference.



Sets the type of map information for the control to show. Options include:

  • Attribution: Shows the copyright and other attribution information for the visible layers.

    If you place an Attribution Map Info control on the map, you may want to adjust the font formatting, like the color (Appearance | Foreground Color) and size (Appearance | Font | Size), so the text shows up well against the background.

  • Map Center: Shows the latitude and longitude of the center of the map extent that has been printed. If the latitude and longitude are not available, the XY coordinates of the center point are shown.

  • Scale: Shows the denominator of the map's scale, as an integer. For example, if the map scale is 1 : 50000, the print output shows 50000.

  • Spatial Reference: Shows the Well Known Text (WKT) of the spatial reference. If the WKT is not available, the WKID is shown.

A Map Info control can only show one type of information. To show additional types, add additional Map Info controls.


The Map Info control does not support Font Underline or Strikethrough.


Text Alignment

Can be configured in the Properties or Expressions panel.

Specifies the alignment of the print item's text.

Top Justify, Center Justify, Bottom Justify are not supported.



Allow Markup Text

Type: Boolean

Sets whether you can use HTML markup tags to format the text in the Text property.

See the following resource for what tags are supported.

Keep Together

Type: Boolean

Sets whether an item can be split horizontally across pages. When false, the print item will be split across pages if all its contents do not fit on one page. When true, the contents of the item will be printed, as a whole, on the next page.

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