Overview Map Picture Box Control


The Overview Map control shows the main map's extent within the larger geographic context.

An overview map shows the visible basemaps only and must be used along with one of the controls mentioned above. It does not show graphics layers or the user's markup or selections.

Within Print Designer, the control on the design surface shows the placeholder map used by the Map Picture Box control. The Preview uses the same sample map service as the Map Picture Box control.

Properties Common to Most Controls

For more information about the properties listed below, see Properties Common to Most Controls.

For more information regarding each of the property groups, see the Control Reference.



Defines the map service to display. If left blank, the overview map uses the map from the user's session in the host application. This is the default.

If you do not want the overview map to be based on the map from the host application, you can select an ArcGIS web map to use instead. This is useful if you want to use a standard overview map for different print templates.

The spatial reference of the web map must match the spatial reference of the map from the host application.

Fill Color

Sets the color and transparency to fill the highlight that indicates the main map's extent.

Line Color

Sets the color and transparency to outline the highlight that indicates the main map's extent.

Line Width

Sets the width of the line that outlines the highlight that indicates main map's extent.


Controls the scale to show the overview map. Use the Scale setting for situations in which a particular scale is required, such as for regulatory maps.

To configure the Scale setting, enter the denominator of the desired scale. For example, if you enter 50000 in the Scale box, the scale 1:50000 will be used.


Controls how far to zoom out from the main map's extent. The larger the value, the further zoomed out the overview map is. The default value is 4.



Sets the alignment of the image within the control.

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