Configure Bands

Bands are horizontal or vertical sections in a report. For information about bands, see Bands.

This topic describes how to perform the following actions:

For more information on how to configure specific band properties, see the Band Reference.

Add a Band

To add a band, select the report, open the Properties panel and expand Actions. Click the tool for the type of band you want to add. For information about the different types of bands, see Band Reference.

Select a Band

Use any of the following methods to select a band:

Collapse and Expand Bands

You can collapse bands in Report Designer so they take up less space.

Top Margin and Bottom Margin bands collapsed in Report Designer

To collapse a band, click the band twice. Click again to expand the band.

Delete a Band

Use either of the following methods to delete a band:

Deleting a band deletes the controls in the band.