Feature Picture Box Control


The Feature Picture Box control displays a feature in a map. The feature is centered and highlighted on the map.

Properties Common to Most Controls

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Specifies the ArcGIS web map you wish to show the feature(s) on.

In the Select a Webmap dialog, you can search for a webmap using the URL, ItemId, and title. When searching for a webmap using a title, you can help limit search results by adding double quotes around the search term, eg. "Wildfire Web Map".

Fill Color

The color used to highlight the feature.

Supports ARGB and HEX values.

Line Color

Specifies the color of the highlight border.

Supports ARGB and HEX values.

Line Width

Specifies the width of the highlight border in pixels.


Specifies the number of degrees the map is rotated clockwise.

0 shows North at the top of the map. 90 sets West to the top of the map.


Sets the scale to show the map. Use the Scale setting for point geometries and for situations in which a particular scale is required, such as regulatory reports.


Controls how much area surrounding the feature shows in the feature map.

The default value of 1.1, sets the feature map to 110% of the feature's extent; 2.1 sets the feature map to 210% of the feature's extent; and so on. Note that the percentage will vary slightly for tiled map services.

If the Scale property is configured in addition to the Expand property, the Scale property is used.

The expand setting does not work for point geometries




Sets the alignment of the image within the control.

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