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Configure Reindexing Options

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Reindexing can be a costly task, depending on how long it took to last reindex the Search configuration for this resource.

To configure Reindexing Options:

1.Select Settings in the Resource Configuration.

reindexing options

The Reindexing Options window appears.


2.Configure the appropriate options, described in the table below.



Web GIS Framework

VertiGIS Studio Web and Web GIS frameworks can submit changes made with the default editing tools directly to VertiGIS Studio Search. Your search configuration is kept up to date as you edit data. It does not detect edits made with ArcGIS Web App Builder, ArcGIS Experience Builder, or your own application framework. It also does not detect edits with ArcGIS ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro made directly on the database records.

Esri Editor Tracking

Esri Editor Tracking can be enabled with ArcGIS, ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro versions 10.1 and higher. Important attribute fields that can be monitored are added. Data edits are thus automatically detected and your search configuration is kept up to date. This function is available for any Web GIS framework that uses the REST API to update data, as well as with ArcGIS ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro. However, this will not detect edits made directly on the database records.

Unique Identifier Field

This is an optional setting. Fields marked with * are of a type that ensures unique values. Fields that are typically used include FID and GLOBALID. This field will be used to point to the same feature in the search result, independent of the current value of its technical id field. That is necessary when the underlying technical ids change, while the actual content of the features stays constant, e.g., when feature data is exported and later imported again into the same feature class, resulting in completely new OBJECTIDs.

Change Date Field

You can configure a change date field as part of your search configuration. VertiGIS Studio Search monitors this field and updates records as they are edited. This function is available for any Web GIS framework, ArcGIS, ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro. It is even possible to monitor direct edits to the database records. Define the database trigger that detects changes to the data and updates the field. Fields marked with * are date types.

Data Integrity Check

VertiGIS Studio Search periodically compares the known last state of your resource configuration with data that checks for significant changes in the number of records or other differences that cannot be accounted for by Search. In these cases, the status of your resource configuration changes to "Out of Date". However, the configuration will still be used.

Automatic Reindexing Options - Full Reindex

Configure how often you want to automatically perform a full reindexing of your search configuration. It is also possible not to schedule the reindexing and trigger it manually directly in the Search Designer user interface. This setting can also be used as a fallback to perform a full reindex periodically, even if delta-based reindexing is enabled.

Automatically perform a complete reindexing

Options include Every 24, 48, or 72 hours.

3.Click Done.

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