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1.5 - April 2024

New Features

Index features from a Dimension Layer. [258683]

Respect locale in suggestions in VertiGIS Studio Web for date values. [254987,261096]

Respect locale in suggestions in VertiGIS Studio Web for float values. [253794]

Provide POST /api/apps/{appUuid}/subindices/v2 in the Search API. [259609]

[Designer] Reindex options (part one): Reindex deltas only. [245111]

Behavioral Changes and UX Improvements

Correct invalid date format on the KPI card. [246119]

Disallow long description pattern for VSW app type in Search API; instead, can configure a "Search Suggestion". [258438, 257450]

Improve logging when exchanging refresh tokens. [259694]

Display UUID of both app and resource in mouse hover label. [259755,261285]

Validate the search fields passed to Search API when creating or updating a subindex. [254679]

Security and Technology

[Security] Upgraded to react-scripts  5.0.1 (CVE-2024-29180). [257561,261286]

[Security] Upgraded Apache Solr libraries: http2-common, jetty, libexpat, protobuf, zookeeper. [259494, 260785, 261244, 261245, 260784]

[Security] Upgraded to WiX Toolset 3.14.1. [261479]

[Security] Migrated from CRA to vite. [257816]

[Security] Upgraded to Azure Cosmos DB API 4.2 for MongoDB access. [257372]

[Devops] Enabled continuous vulnerability scanning for Studio Search container images. [260994]


[Engine] Removed auth query string parameter from GET api/resources/{resourceUuid}/fields-preview endpoint. [261200]

[Designer] Removed auth parameter from GET api/resources/{resourceUuid}/fields-preview endpoint. [261379]

Completed language strings for German language in Transifex. [256831]

Bug Fixes

Index creation with large data sets failed due to token expiration. [243538]

[VSW/VSS] Component settings hang when creating Studio Search app if login token is expired. [251989]

[VSW/VSS] Creating a Studio Search resource with non-existing resource fields. [253728]

[VSW/VSS] Studio Search app not found because of back-link pointing to the same (Studio Web) host. [257062]

[Engine] Refresh token not properly exchanged and applied for scheduled re-builds. [259578, 259756, 259778]

[Engine] Failed to get properties of subindex in scheduled full rebuild. [260883]

Add next limiting rules (for example, for naming convention and member ordering) and apply Prettier on all files. [245603]

Passing search fields in POST body when activating search on a layer. [252170, 259620, 259779]

Swagger UI uses the default virtual directory path even if a custom one has been configured in the Post Installer. [259839]

Updates from an existing 1.3+ installation fail in various ways. [260161]

1.4.3 - February 2024

Bug Fixes

Optimized call to avoid timeouts when fetching all subindices from module search-settings. [260374]

1.4.2 - February 2024

Bug Fixes

Created indices in the collections of the configuration database (Azure Cosmos DB) [260139]

1.4.1 - February 2024

Bug Fixes

Activated our .com Saas deployment of VertiGIS Studio Search.

Checking legacy JSON Web Token for a user without ArcGIS profile photo fails. [257670]

1.4 - February 2024

New Features

Added support for asset groups and asset types.

[Studio Web] Added support configuring Studio Search for an Esri Table.

Behavioral Changes and UX Improvements

[Studio Web] Observe current browser locale when searching using Search API.

[Search Designer] Search config "Universal": Support selecting an Esri Table as a resource. [249703]

[Search Workflow] Search requests shall use searchAssistance=COMBINED instead of SIMPLE.

Security and Technology

[Security] Upgraded to TypeScript 5.0. [255341]

[Security] Upgraded to react-ui v13. [254831]

[Security] Upgraded to react-scripts. [199172]

[Security] Fixed vulnerabilities indicated by Trivy. [248380, 213973]

[Security] Fixed authentication issues regarding copy of portal item. [254191]

[Security] Fixed inadequate permission check when editing a configuration. [254194]

[Security] Disallowed editing the resource URL when changing a Studio Search resource (subindex). [254079]

[Security] JWT content must be signed to be trustworthy. [254414]


Support resolution of Subtypes. [247879]

Support resource type (Esri) Table. [237467]

[Search API] Accept a comma separated list of search fields when creating and updating subindex. [237467]

Use a "better" fallback field for object names (default, localized) to avoid empty strings in case of missing patterns. [253881]

Use a display name field as a default short description pattern for object names. [254008]

Bug Fixes

[Search Workflow] Search does not work anymore (neither suggestions nor clicking the button). [256500]

[Search Engine] Refresh token timeout cannot be read from ArcGIS portal and must thus be configurable in Search. [250357]

[Studio Web/Studio Search Integration] Changes to searchable fields made after app creation must synch to Search app. [251982]

Blank error page in Postinstaller when log-in is aborted. [248099]

Create resource from a private feature layer that returns error code 403 instead of 499. [251145]

Layer containing a field ESRI_OID cannot be indexed. [241443]

Message is cut off in the middle of the word. [252010]

NullPointerException when some Search app portal item properties are missing. [254342]

Fixes for issues discovered during PenTest. [254020, 254019]

The list of resources on the app config page is incorrect after following the link from VertiGIS Studio Web Designer to a specific resource in Search Designer. [251629]

SaaS with subdomain - not possible to create a new resource because of incorrect refresh token challenge. [252164]

Cannot create new resource in production/staging SaaS because of incorrect refresh token challenge. [257017]

Known Issues

A breaking change in the VertiGIS Studio Workflow component leads to problems when using the Studio Search Workflow on an updated system (Studio Web 5.28).

Please update the Search Workflow to version 1.4.0, which can be found here VertiGIS Studio Search - Downloads.

1.3 - December 2023

New Features

Added support for subdomains (for on-prem Esri portal integration).

Improved configuration UI for reindexing options.

Added changes in Search Designer to better support Web integration.

oDisable configuration options driven by Web Designer.

oBack-link to Web Designer.

Added changes supporting .com SaaS deployment.

Published a new FAQ section.


Back-link from VSS-D resource config page to an app in VSW-D (part one). [243037]

Clear search history in suggestion flyout. [246157]

Configurations of the type 'VertiGIS Studio Web' must never be disabled. [246162]

Data consistency check to detect Search app without associated valid portal item. [246196]

Delete associated Search app together with Web app. [240884]

Delta Rebuild based on Change Date Field (deletes). [242816]

Display 'VertiGIS Studio Search' type in portal item picker. [243372]

Enhance the search version information in the Studio Search app portal item. [239821]

Extend Studio Web search suggestions flyout with links to search in one specified index/layer. [241127]

Move the Unique ID field from the Reindexing Options back to the Search fields. [242074]

Optimize shared library vertigis-internal/search-api for use in Web. [202495]

Pass a value to link control. [246931]

Reindex Options (Part One): "Reindex Deltas only" - persist "isEnabled" property in the backend. [247914]

Reindex Options scorecard: show number of configured options. [244333]

Remove unsaved Search app when leaving Web app without saving it. [246184]

Rename unnamed Search app to a named one after Web app has been saved. [244998]

Replace console logging with logger from @vertigis/arcgis-extension. [242297]

SaaS with subdomain - CORS exception for the subdomain needs to be configured. [248044]

Settings form control - button. [213636]

Solr crash shall not result in core dumps being created. [246215]

Support SaaS Search Designer at [250120]

Studio Search integration (search configuration). Remove app config. [241821]

Studio Search integration (search results). [201147]

Bug Fixes

[Installer] Adjust wording of setup completion message in post installer. [243295]

[Installer] CVE-2023-4863 heap buffer overflow in WebP in Google Chrome. [244810]

[Search] Display only the most recent search term when searching. [246174]

[Search] Infinite spinner and errors in browser console when configuring Search on layers. [246169]

[Search] Search component link is broken when Studio Search has not been configured. [246578]

[Search] Seeing only "null" suggestions from layers index in Studio Search.  [246158]

[Security] Disable use of org= parameter in production and staging. [251260]

[Security] Trivy vulnerabilities in Solr 9.3.0 container image. [248380]

[Security] Trivy vulnerabilities in Solr 9.3.0 image. [245481]

[Security] Trivy vulnerability in netty-codec-haproxy. [201116]

[Security] Trivy vulnerability in netty-codec-http2 and jose4j. [247511]

[Security] Trivy vulnerability in Solr container image (zookeeper). [245765]

[Security] yarn audit failure at eslint. [199171]

[Security] yarn audit failure at eslint-plugin-import. [200416]

[Security] yarn audit failure at npm-run-all. [199173]

[Security] yarn audit failure at react-scripts. [200414]

[Studio Web] Error when searching for '0' in all Studio Search indexed layers in the Capital City map.  [246160]

Back-link from Studio Web to Studio Search contains #app=undefined when Web app is not reloaded in browser. [247414]

CORS errors when using on-prem Studio Search with SaaS Studio Web (Workflow). [247631]

Count of indexed records is zero when creating new resource from Studio Web. [242878]

CTRL + SHIFT + E shortcut opens web search in Edge. [245310]

Incorrect link on splash screen to article 'Need to create a subdomain?'. [245281]

Cannot cast to commons.exception.UncheckedException. [246624]

prod-demo1 environment: Search consuming all disk space. [245537]

Search app of type 'GENERIC' shall consistently be labeled with "Universal". [246568]

When changing a resource name to empty, no error message appears and the state is changed to "missing". [242430]

Known Issues

Changes to the list of searchable fields in Studio Web Designer is not synched to the Search app configuration. Configuring a layer in the Studio Web Designer to be searchable using Studio Search stores the list of searchable fields in a Studio Search configuration. Any subsequent changes to that list (for example, setting one additional field to be searchable) will not synch to the search app configuration as displayed in Search Designer.


Workaround: After setting the list of searchable fields as desired in the Studio Web Designer, set the search type of the layer to "Esri Search" and then back to "VertiGIS Studio Search". Please note that this will reset any configuration changes that have been in made in the Search Designer, such as the "Description Pattern" of the Search resource.

1.2 - September 2023

New Features

Both of these features are expected to be available within one of the next VertiGIS Studio Web releases:

Enable the native integration of search configurations in VertiGIS Studio Web Designer. [237338, 240884]

Enable the native integration of search results in VertiGIS Studio Web. [237458]

[Designer] Enable "delta rebuild" based on a Change Date field (adds, updates). [238371]

SOC2-compliance established. [232948]

[SaaS] Enable sign-in to an ArcGIS Enterprise Portal from the VertiGIS Studio Search SaaS environment. [197159]

Behavioral Changes and UX Improvements 

Changed the URL of the support articles from to [238033]

[Installer] Updating an existing on-premises installation does not lose the created search indices. [233108]

[Installer] Upgrades autopopulate Portal and App Registration screens. [235529]

[Installer] Portal screen displays ArcGIS Online URL. [222718]

[Installer] Allow for non-default IIS website and custom virtual directory. [232042

[Designer] Distinguish between two different "types" of app: 'VertiGIS Studio Web' and 'Blank'. [238912]

[Designer] Delete button and search fields are disabled if the app type is "VertiGIS Studio Web". [239992]

Feature expected to be available with one of the next VertiGIS Studio Web Release: Hyperlinks from the Studio Web Designer to the Studio Search Designer and vice versa. [239820]

[Designer] Change 'Unique ID Field' to 'Unique Identifier Field'. [238281]

[Designer] Preselect a "technical" Unique Identified Field in the dropdown box when creating a new resource. [239208]

Disable data integrity checks based on Unique Identifier Field if none are configured. [239206]

[Designer] Automated redirect should happen from "/search" to "/search/designer". [239018]

[SaaS] Redirect from a URL without a trailing slash ("/") to the correct address. [238232]

Security and Technology 

Upgrade Quarkus to 2.16.9. [241361, 241362]

Upgrade of the following libraries: Apache Solr Docker image [235304], snappy-java [238309], Google Guava [239393], protobuf-java [240424], quartz-scheduler [242088].

Replace the deprecated HttpSolrClient with the modern Http2SolrClient. [241591]

Upgrade Apache Solr to 9.3.0 for SaaS [185282] and on-premises [241158].

Replace Zulu for Azure with Eclipse Temurin. [199298]


Please note, when upgrading an exisiting Studio Search installation to version 1.2.0, any existing search configurations must be deleted / redesigned.

Search configurations before version 1.2.0 are being labelled as type 'VertiGIS Studio Web'. They cannot be used for the new native integration with VertiGIS Studio Web (which will be available with one of next Studio Web releases).

1.1 - 19 June 2023

New Features

Added support for scheduling automated periodical full rebuilds of a resource.

Added support for indexing in cases where the unique identifier field is different from the resource OID field.

Enhanced indexing for feature layers that do not support statistics.

[Search Workflow] Added support for layer groups in the web map.

Behavioral Changes and UX Improvements  

Added configuration options for Auto Rebuild.

Added configuration options to set the UniqueID field in the resource configuration settings.

Updated help links in the Search Designer.

Added helpful links in the inline help texts of the Search Designer for better guidance.

Alphabetized the language selector on the Resource Configuration page.

Added vertical spacing between search fields and the description pattern setting on the Resource Configuration page.

Updated the browser tab text to "VertiGIS Studio Search" instead of displaying the URL. [235608]

Security and Technology

Enhanced filtering of subindices based on user permissions for all API operations.

Addressed a Trivy vulnerability in the Apache Solr Docker image.

Fixed security vulnerabilities uncovered by a yarn audit, specifically npm-run-all, babel-core, and ts-jest.

[SaaS] Replaced Zulu for Azure with the Azul Zulu build of OpenJDK on Alpine Linux for improved security and performance in the SaaS version.

[SaaS] Fixed the problem where indexes would disappear after an upgrade in the SaaS version. [231151]

Bug Fixes

Improved stability of the VSS Search Installer. [232001]

Redesigned the Search Post Installer for a better user experience. [233097]

Updated the VertiGIS NA license agreement to version 04/2023. [235930]

Disabled caching for HTML files, and other content that should not be cached, to ensure that updated content is loaded in the browser. [230971]

Resolved errors that occurred when deleting sample data. [213964]

Resolved the issue where searches could not be performed when the resource URLs and web map layer URLs had mismatched cases. [232265]

Fixed issue in Search Designer sign-in. The redirection lead to instead of the appropriate portal. [232050]

Updated the documentation to fix an incorrect Redirect URI. [232050]

Resolved a NullPointerException when searching with returnGeometry. [231774]

Resolved a NullPointerException when searching with returnLabelpoint. [231509]

Fixed the incorrect indexing of fields with coded values. [231511]

Added support for indexing of feature layers even when the outStatisticFieldName is returned in uppercase. [231384]

Resolved an error that occurred while indexing the layer "NationalTornadoTracks_1980-2009". [199930]

Fixed errors caused by timeouts during certain operations. [230826]

[Search Workflow] Fixed an error in the maxResultsField element's changed event. [233437]

[Saas] Fixed the issue where scheduled jobs for auto-rebuilding subindices were not starting in the SaaS version. [235994]

Known Issues

When accessing version 1.1.x after an earlier version has been in use before, it is necessary to clean the browser cache once. Subsequent deployments can be rolled out without any special steps needing to be considered.

1.0.2 - 31 March 2023

New Features

Optimized (for performance) the initial delays for scheduled jobs.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Fixed a bug that prevented other indexes from completing when attempting to index an empty layer.

Fixed the licensing issue that was preventing authorization.

1.0.1 - 27 March 2023

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Fixed 403 errors from CloudFront.

Updated the app switcher link.



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