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Create a Workflow from a Template

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You can create a workflow from any of the available workflow templates and assign it to a command.

In our example below, we create a workflow from a template to add the Route between points command to the I Want To menu.

To create a workflow from a template:

1.Navigate to the component where you want to create a workflow from a template. In our example, we navigate to the I Want To Menu component.

2.In the Menu Items section, click Add Menu Item.

The Select Command window opens.

3.Select the Workflows tab.

4.Click Create a new Workflow.

5.Select a Workflow Template. Note that the options in the list are context-sensitive.

6.Select Menu - Route Between Points from the Select a Workflow Template drop-down list.

7.Enter a Workflow Title.

8.Click Create.

The Route between points menu item appears in the I Want To menu.





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