Host and Run Client Workflows

A host application is a client application that can run one or more workflows. When you create a client workflow, you specify which types of applications will host the workflow.

VertiGIS Studio Workflow supports the following types of host applications:

You can change a workflow's host applications at any time on the Deployment panel. For instructions, see Create Workflows.

You can host a particular client workflow in more than one application. To do this, you must configure each host application separately. For example, you could configure two different VertiGIS Studio Web apps to host a particular workflow.

In addition, you can host a particular workflow in different types of host application, provided the workflow's activities and object properties are supported in both types of applications. For example, you could host a workflow in a VertiGIS Studio Web app and a Web AppBuilder app. For information on creating a workflow that will work in more than one type of host application, see Run a Workflow in Different Environments.

The method you use to configure an application to host a workflow depends on the type of application. Follow the instructions for the type of host application you want to configure: