Introduction to VertiGIS Studio Workflow

Welcome to VertiGIS Studio Workflow, the easy way to automate your business processes so you can use them in web mapping applications.

VertiGIS Studio Workflow allows you to integrate geographic information and processing with other business tasks to create sophisticated functionality for your applications. For example, you could create a workflow that produces a tax parcel report for the user, or you could create a workflow that gets information about the geology and nearby features of a survey location specified by the user. The possibilities are endless—from automated reporting, to complex spatial analytics, to specific and tailored search experiences, you can use VertiGIS Studio Workflow for almost any process that you want to streamline and automate for your users.

Workflows are authored using a web-based tool called VertiGIS Studio Workflow Designer. Workflow Designer includes a library of pre-built activities that you use to build your workflows. Each activity represents a unit of work, for example, one activity sets the visibility of a layer, while another activity adds a new feature to a feature layer. Workflow Designer's activities include many specialized web mapping and GIS tasks, like buffering, geocoding, querying, geoprocessing, and routing activities, as well as activities to make decisions, repeat actions, gather user input, and more.

Gathering user input is central to VertiGIS Studio Workflow—the primary use of Workflow is to automate processes that require user input. Create custom web forms using Workflow Designer's pre-built form elements like auto-complete boxes and date pickers, or ask the user to draw on a map or select a feature from a list, and then use this information in the workflow to guide the user through the task.

To build a workflow, you drag activities onto the design surface, configure the activities' settings, and connect the activities into a flowchart. Workflows save to your ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS account.

As you build a workflow, use Workflow Designer's validation feedback to correct design-time errors. Run the workflow in VertiGIS Studio Workflow's built-in test environment, the Sandbox, before taking it live.

You can run workflows in a variety of different client applications, such as VertiGIS Studio Web and ArcGIS Web AppBuilder. With VertiGIS Studio Mobile, workflows can run on mobile devices when network connectivity is intermittent or absent.

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