Compared to Geocortex Essentials Workflow

This documentation is for VertiGIS Studio Workflow, a standalone product in the new generation of VertiGIS Studio products. VertiGIS Studio Workflow addresses similar needs to the existing capabilities offered by Geocortex Essentials Workflow: the ability to easily automate custom business requirements by chaining together pre-built activities, without programming. However, there are significant differences between Workflow and Geocortex Essentials Workflow:

Tips for Transitioning to VertiGIS Studio Workflow

If you have used Geocortex Essentials Workflow, you will notice many changes when you start using VertiGIS Studio Workflow. Here are some tips to help you make the transition:

Some Workflow activities have the same name and function as Geocortex Essentials Workflow activities, but differ in subtle ways. It is worth reading the documentation for an activity before using it for the first time. To open the documentation for an activity, hover the pointer over the activity in the Toolbox and click the More... hyperlink.