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The Home Panel is a multipurpose panel with a variety of possible uses. You could use it to:

You can configure the viewer to show the Home Panel when the user launches the viewer. In this case, the Panel serves as a welcome page.

The contents of the Home Panel are defined using HTML markup. The contents can include text, images, and UI elements like buttons and links that launch web pages, invoke commands, and run workflows. Initially, the Home Panel contains placeholder text to help give you ideas for how you might use the Panel.

Home Panel in the Desktop interface (rear), and in the Handheld interface

The Home Panel is implemented by the Info Module.

The Home Panel was introduced in version 1.3 of the HTML5 Viewer.

Open the Home Panel Page

To open an HTML5 Viewer's Home Panel page in Manager:

  1. In Geocortex Essentials Manager, edit the viewer that you want to configure—edit the site that the viewer belongs to, click Viewers in the side panel, and then click the Edit icon beside the viewer.

  2. In the side panel, click Home Panel.

    The Home Panel page opens.

Home Panel Settings

The Home Panel page has the following settings:

Configure the Home Panel

To configure the Home Panel:

  1. On the Home Panel page, select the Include Home Panel checkbox.

  2. If you want the Data Frame to have a tab for the Home Panel when the user launches the viewer, select the Show Home Panel checkbox.

  3. In the Title box, type the title that you want to appear at the top of the Home Panel. You can use a text key or the literal text.

  4. In the Content box, create the contents of the Home Panel.

    Use the Rich Text Editor that displays by default, or click the Show Source icon to work in the HTML markup.

  5. Click Apply Changes.

  6. If you want the user to see the Home Panel when the Desktop or Tablet interface launches, you must configure the Data Frame to open:

    The Handheld interface does not have a Data Frame; if you want the Home Panel to be the first thing the user sees when the viewer launches, all you have to do is select Include Home Panel and Show Home Panel.

    1. Click Look and Feel in the side panel.

      The Look and Feel page opens.

    2. In the Data Frame area, select the Open By Default checkbox.

    3. Click Apply Changes.

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