Create Print Templates

To create a new print template, click File | New in Print Designer and select a template. The templates fall into two categories:

You can also base a new print template on an existing template by saving a copy of the existing template under a new name. This is useful if the layout or configuration will be largely the same in the two templates. See Brand Print Templates for a time-saving strategy that bases new templates on copies.

Preconfigured Templates

The Get Started tutorial shows you how to create a print template based on a preconfigured template, modify the template, share it, configure an application to host it, and run the print.

VertiGIS Studio Print Designer offers a variety of preconfigured templates that are based on standard paper sizes, including ISO and ANSI sizes. For example, Print Designer has an A4 Landscape, ANSI E Landscape, and 11 x 17 Landscape template, among others.

The preconfigured templates don't require any modification. You can open a preconfigured template, save it, host it, and run it to print the host application's map. In practice, you will adapt the template to your needs by branding it and making whatever other modifications you want. In particular, you may want to:

All the preconfigured templates use the same layout, shown in the screen capture below.

Layout of the preconfigured templates, shown in Print Designer

The preconfigured templates use Panel controls to organize related controls into units. For example, the logo, title, and the vertical line that separates them are in the control called TopPanel; the Legend control and its title are in LegendPanel; and so on. Everything is contained within MainPanel. When you move or copy a panel, the contained controls are moved or copied with the panel. This allows you to move or copy the related controls as a unit if you want to modify the layout.

Print Template Explorer shows the print template's structure in a hierarchy, so you can see the panels and the controls that they contain at a glance.

Selecting an item in the hierarchy also selects it on the design surface and in the Properties panel . It is sometimes easiest to select a Panel control in Print Template Explorer.

Once you have modified the print template to your satisfaction, save the template. You can now share the template, configure an application to host it, and run the print.

Blank Page Template

To create a print template from scratch, use the Blank Page template. The Blank Page template has three bands and no controls. It is initially configured for 8.5" x 11" paper in portrait orientation.

Blank Page template open in Print Designer

To create a print template based on the Blank Page template:

  1. In Print Designer, click File | New and double-click Blank Page.

  2. Configure template-wide settings like paper size, page orientation, and margins.

  3. If you want, add bands such as the Report Header or Report Footer.

  4. Design the template by adding and configuring controls like the Map, Overview Map, and Legend.

  5. Click Preview to generate the print using a sample map service.

    To preview a print, your browser must allow pop-ups from (cloud Printing) or from your domain (on-premises Printing).

  6. Refine the layout and re-preview the print until you are satisfied with the layout.

  7. Press Ctrl+S to save the print template.

    You can now share the print template, configure an application to host it, and run the print.