Print Designer Interface Elements

VertiGIS Studio Print Designer provides an extensive suite of tools for laying out print templates. You can add map components like a scale bar, legend, overview map, and north arrow, include descriptive text and images, and brand the print template.

The interface is made up of Primary Interface Elements and Secondary Interface Elements. Primary elements can be seen immediately in the interface. Secondary elements, such as dialogs and wizards, can be accessed by interacting with another interface component.

Primary Interface Elements

Print Designer Interface Components

  1. Print Template tab: Displays the name of the print template. A circle next to the print template name indicates that the changes made to the print template have not been saved.
  2. Sidebar: Provides access to a set of administrative resources.
  3. Control Bar: Displays a list of all available controls.
  4. Layout: The area where you design your print template.
  5. Toolbar: Displays a list of tools for editing, viewing and configuring your print template.
  6. Properties Panel : Displays the list of properties of the selected item.
  7. Expressions Panel : Displays the list of properties of the selected item that can be configured using an expression.
  8. Parameters Panel : Displays a list of parameters configured for the template.
  9. Print Template Explorer : Displays the print template's configuration in a tree diagram.

Secondary Interface Elements

The Designer interface includes other elements that are not immediately visible. These elements are accessed by using parts of the primary interface elements. These include: