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Key Features

  • Future-proofing your investment
    Esri’s JavaScript 4.x API continues to mature. VertiGIS Studio Web ensures our customers have access to the latest capabilities today, and tomorrow.
  • Combine 3D and 2D
    The demand for 3D applications continues to grow. VertiGIS Studio Web combines 3D and 2D views into a single, beautiful end-user experience.
  • Flexible application appearance
    Conforming to corporate brand guidelines or configuring multi-map applications with components where you want them; VertiGIS Studio Web is backed by a new configuration schema with unprecedented layout flexibility.
  • A new design experience
    A live preview of your application for instant verification of configuration changes, multi-monitor support, enhanced mechanisms for locating configuration of interest; VertiGIS Studio Web Designer takes the configure-first paradigm even further.
  • Application management
    Built-in support for managing applications and their dependencies through development, test, staging and production.
  • Fast
    VertiGIS Studio Web is faster due to Asynchronous Module Declaration (AMD) and Webpack optimization; ensuring clients download only the content required.
  • Accessibility Compliant
    More governments are requiring that public facing apps are Section 508 / WCAG AA accessibility compliant; VertiGIS Studio Web gives you out-of-the-box compliance.