Selection Module

The Selection Module implements the Saved Results feature, which allows users to save, open and modify collections of features. After performing a search, query or identify operation, you can save the results with a name that appears in the title of the panel when the saved results are viewed. You can rename or delete saved results.

You can only open one set of saved results at a time. You can add or remove features either through the Panel Actions Menu while viewing feature details, or via a link in a feature's map tip. You can also modify the current results by using the Combine Results option to either: add saved results, subtract saved results, or match intersecting saved results. Saved results that have unsaved changes are marked with an asterisk (*) at the end of the panel title.

Saved Results only persist for the duration of your browser session. If you refresh or close the browser, you will lose all Saved Results.

To save results across sessions and share them with other users, a signed-in user can save a project, provided the viewer supports projects. For information about projects, see Project Module.

In the Result List's Panel Actions Menu , the user can save the results , and open them later . The user can also combine results .

Result List's Panel Actions Menu

There is also a built-in set of Saved Results called Starred Selection. You can add or remove a result from the Starred Selection by clicking the star beside a result in the Results List, Results Table or Map Tip.

You can add or remove a feature from the Starred Selection in:  the Results List, the Results Table and a Map Tip.

To view the Starred Selection at any time, click the I Want To menu and click View Selection.

By default, the View Selection option only appears if you have any kind of saved results. If you have only saved results to the Starred Selection, the Starred Selection appears. If you have other named saved results, a list of saved results appears, including the Starred Selection.

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