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Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge do not support snapping when editing point markup or features.

The Snapping Module provides snapping capabilities to various tools that work with geometries. When enabled, snapping allows the user to precisely draw shapes on the map by snapping to the nearest point, vertex or edge of an existing shape within a configurable radius around the mouse pointer. The user may enable or disable snapping by either clicking the Enable Snapping toggle button, or pressing the keyboard shortcut, which is F by default. The user may choose which layers are affected by snapping by clicking the Select Snapping Layers button.

For the keyboard shortcut to enable or disable snapping to work, the mouse pointer must be over the map.

The snapping feature snaps to the nearest point, vertex or edge to the mouse pointer in that order. For example, if snapping is enabled and a point feature, a vertex, and an edge are similarly near the mouse pointer, the application will snap to the point feature. Similarly, if there is only a vertex and an edge near the mouse pointer, the application will snap to the vertex.

The following tools support snapping: Measure, Draw, Edit, Create New Feature, and non-dragging Identify tools. The snapping controls are configured within both the TabbedToolbar and CompactToolbar modules in the context-sensitive toolbars associated with the following states: MeasureState, DrawMarkupState, EditingMarkupState, FeaturePlacementGraphicState, and FindDataState.

Snapping is only available for the Desktop interface; the Tablet and Handheld interfaces do not support snapping.

To configure which layers may be snapped to and which layers snapping applies to by default, edit the layer in Geocortex Essentials Manager and configure the Allow Snapping and Snapping Enabled settings. For more information, see Layer Settings.

The easiest way to configure snapping for the Measure, Draw, Edit, Create New Feature, and non-dragging Identify tools is to edit your viewer in Geocortex Essentials Manager, navigate to the Toolbar section, and ensure these tools are added along with MeasurementToolControlRegion, MarkupEditRegion, EditControlRegion, CreateNewFeatureControlRegion, or FindDataControlRegion, respectively.

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