Post-Installation Configuration

Post-installation configuration is configuration related to the environment that Essentials runs in. This is mostly web server configuration, but also includes activating the Essentials software and configuring the method for signing in to Essentials Manager.

Essentials includes a desktop application, the Geocortex Post-Installation Configuration tool (the Post Installer), to help you perform the post-installation configuration. You can run the Post Installer at any time to modify the post-installation configuration.

You must run the Post Installer at least once after you install or upgrade Essentials and before you run Manager.

The Post Installer allows you to:

Launch the Post Installer

To launch the Post Installer:

  1. Follow the instructions for the operating system you are using:

    • Windows Server 2012 or Windows 8, and Newer Versions:

      On the Start menu, type Post Install, and then click Post Installer.

    • Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7:

      In the Start menu, click All Programs | VertiGIS | Geocortex Essentials [Version] [Instance] | Post Installer.

      [Version] is the Essentials version number. [Instance] is the instance name, if Essentials is installed as a named instance. The default installation does not have an instance name.

    The first time that you run the Post Installer, Geocortex Core is installed. If you have already have an instance of Core running on your server, it is upgraded.