PlotCoordinates Module

The PlotCoordinates Module implements the ability for end users to show the coordinates for specific locations on the map. To show the coordinates for a particular location, the user can either select the location on the map or input coordinates using text boxes in the Plot Coordinates panel.

Plotted coordinates can be printed, saved as part of a project, or saved to an ArcGIS web map. For more information, see Printing Module, Project Module, and ExportWebMap Module. Plotted coordinates are removed from the map when the user ends the session.

Coordinates plotted on the map, shown in the Desktop interface

Alternatively, the user can right-click the map and select the Plot a Coordinate option.

Right-click context menu with the Plot a Coordinate option

On a handheld device, the user must open the Plot Coordinates panel to input coordinates via the input text boxes.

In order for users to plot coordinates on the map, you must provide a way for them to open the Plot Coordinates panel. The HTML5 Viewer provides a Plot Coordinates tool that you can add to the toolbar. The toolbar can be configured using Manager. For instructions, see Toolbar.

Plot Coordinates tool

Alternatively, you can add an item to the I Want To menu or create a workflow that invokes the ActivatePlotCoordinatesView command to open the panel. I Want To Menu

Plotted coordinates exist only for the duration of the session—when the user closes the viewer, the coordinates disappear. To save plotted coordinates across sessions and share them with other users, a signed-in user can save a project, provided the viewer supports projects. For information about projects, see Project Module.

Change the Coordinate System

While the Plot Coordinates panel is open, the active coordinate system can be changed with the Coordinate System drop-down menu.

Show, Hide, Edit, or Remove Coordinates

The user can choose to show, hide, edit, or remove any saved plotted coordinate from a list of available actions by selecting the icon next to a coordinate in the Plot Coordinates panel.

Plot Coordinates actions for a hidden coordinate

When the coordinates are shown, the panel would have a Hide Coordinate action instead of the Show Coordinate action.

Plotted coordinates can also be removed with the Edit Drawings multitool used to remove markup and measurements.

The icon and the callout map tips on the map indicate that they are being edited by turning blue. The user can select a new location on the map or edit the coordinates using the text boxes and selecting the Update button.

Plot Coordinates callout map tip being edited (left) and Plot Coordinates callout map tip (right)

Show, Hide or Delete All Coordinates

The user can show or hide all coordinates with the Show All Coordinates, Hide All Coordinates, and Delete All Coordinates actions available from the Plot Coordinates panel's Action Menu. This menu is accessed from the icon at the top of the panel.

Show All Coordinates and Delete All Coordinates actions, displayed when the Coordinates Panel Action Menu button is toggled.

Display Plotted Coordinates in Results

The plotted coordinates can be configured to display in either the Results Table or the Results List by adding the command ShowResultsTable or ShowResultsList to the coordinates array in the Results Module configuration. This allows users to export coordinates.

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