About Forms

Forms allow end users to enter information for the workflow to operate on. For example, a workflow that locates an address for the user could include a form where the user enters the address.

In addition to gathering textual information like addresses, you can use forms to get dates, numbers, map locations (geometries), arbitrary list items, and more. List items can either be defined in the workflow or retrieved from a database when the workflow runs.

Example of a form, shown in VertiGIS Studio Web

To add a form to a workflow, you add a Display Form activity and use the built-in Form Designer to customize the form. For more information, see Configure a Form.

Forms are made up of form elements, such as Text Boxes, Auto Complete elements, and Button Bars. Types of Form Elements provides a list of the different types of form elements. The Form Element Reference documents each type of form element in detail.

To build a form, you use the Form Designer to add the desired form elements to the form and configure the elements' properties.

Form element properties that display text to the user can be formatted using Markdown, a simple method for formatting headers, lists, bold text, hyperlinks, and more. Format Text in a Form provides instructions for using Markdown. Markdown syntax describes the formats you can use in forms.

Some form elements are made up of items. For example, a drop-down list has options, where each option is an item in the list. Similarly, a Check Group has checkboxes, an Auto Complete element has suggestions, and a Radio Group has radio buttons. For information, see Form Element Items.

To further customize a form, you can optionally configure subworkflows that run when events occurs in form elements, for example, when the user clicks a button in a Button Bar or the user submits the form. Events allow you to monitor what is happening in the form and customize how the workflow responds. See Events for information.

For information on accessing the inputs gathered in a form, see Access User Inputs.

Form Activities

Form activities can be used to interact with the functionality of forms and form elements. The following list shows all form activities and their descriptions: